Dichele Group | 3 Reasons Real Estate Agents Should Use Facebook Ads
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3 Reasons Real Estate Agents Should Use Facebook Ads

3 Reasons Real Estate Agents Should Use Facebook Ads

Real estate agents have relied on word of mouth, newspaper ads, postcards and flyers for years. Although these strategies have been successful for the past couple of decades, things have changed. So how can a real estate agent successfully drive more users to their postings and build a larger network?

Here are 3 Reasons Real Estate Agents Should Use Facebook Advertising:


1. People “Likely to Move”:

Facebook has one of the most impressive algorithms of all of the social platforms. This algorithm is able to look at things such as age, income, what you like, what you don’t, relationship status..etc. With all of this information Facebook has the ability to make assumptions, and one of those is “likely to move”.  Let’s look at an example below:

Here we are creating an audience of users who:

  • Live in CT
  • Are between ages 25-50
  • Are “Likely to Move”
  • Have interest in Homes.com, Realtor.com, Trulia and Zillow.com



This CT audience has a potential reach of 120,000 with an estimated daily reach of 600-1600 people on Facebook and 330-860 people on Instagram. This is a large potential audience of users that you can target.

2. Prequalify Potential Home Buyers:

So you know the potential for home buyers in CT that are likely to move but you have houses priced anywhere from $185,00 to $950,000! With Facebook you can be sure to target users who not only are “Likely to Move” but can also afford the home you’re listing.

So the home worth $200,000:

Real Estate Agents - 2

That is a potential reach of 12,000 people with a daily reach of 570-1,500 on Facebook and 69- 180 people on Instagram.


What about the home worth $950,000?

Facebook Real Estate 3


This is a potential reach of 2,500 people with a daily reach of 320-830 on Facebook and 46-120 people on Instagram.

3. Highly Visual and Effective Platform for Real Estate

There has been a rise in the popularity of real estate. Shows such as House Hunters and sites like Zillow prove how interested users are in looking at real estate. People enjoy scrolling through images of homes in their area.

The benefits of advertising through a platform like Facebook is that you have highly visual options. Facebook owns Instagram so you can easily run your campaign through both platforms. Moreover, both Facebook and Instagram allow for users to scroll through images before clicking. What does this mean for you? You only pay when you click. So if users are able to scroll though a couple of images and aren’t interested…you don’t pay. See some examples below.



So how much does this cost? Less than $3 per click! So stop wasting money on ads in newspapers and hoping that potential clients drive by that newly listed home.

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