Dichele Group | 3 Ways to Generate Sales Through Instagram
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3 Ways to Generate Sales Through Instagram

3 Ways to Generate Sales Through Instagram

After a long morning of back to back meetings, Susan was finally able to take a break, make a cup of coffee, and scroll through her Instagram feed. Susan is a human resources manager during the day, but at night she is a huge photography geek. She follows many photographers on Instagram, and there are  a few that she really likes. These users post amazing posts including photos from recent trips and photos of their favorite gear. When reviewing her Instagram stories, Susan comes across one of her favorite followers talking about their favorite camera strap. They mention to swipe up to see the product.

Susan swipes up and immediately sees this camera strap on the company’s website for a great price of $19.99. She has seen this product used by many of the people she follows and decides to pull the trigger and purchases the strap.

Are you able to see the funnel that Susan has gone down from user to customer? Let’s explain.

1. Influencers

The most valuable way to generate interest in your brand on Instagram is through influencers. There are Instagram influencers  with hundreds of thousands of followers and those followers trust the products and services that these users post about. One of the major reasons that Susan was so willing to swipe up and view that product was because 3 of her favorite photographers were using that same strap.

How do you get influencers? Companies like Instabrand and Olapic provide services that allow you to connect with influencers to promote content. Another way is for your company to reach out directly to an influencer. This works especially well with users that have a smaller following. You can send them free items and ask them to review them.

The key factor in Influencer Marketing is to let the influencer decide how to promote the content. Too many brands have tied the hands of influencers and have made the entire experience feel unnatural. You need to let the influencer do what they do best, influence!


2. Advertising

Instagram advertising is a great way for you to promote your content online. With our example of Susan, she has seen an add by the camera strap company over 3 times in the past month.  Too much? Not at all. Thomas Smith is known for saying a consumer needs to see an ad 20 times before they take action. It is important to diversify your advertising through multiple image sets with new and exciting content. This will benefit you in two ways: users enjoy the experience, and Instagram gives you more exposure.

Users enjoy seeing fresh and exciting content. That is why they are on Instagram. Moreover, Instagram is more likely to show your add to users if you have a low frequency score. The irony of the situation is that you want to increase the frequency of you brand, but you are penalized for high frequency of an individual ad. So diversify your ad content and copy and start paying to promote!


3. Organic Posts

Instagram has been adding a lot of features over the past 6 months and one of the best is Instagram Stories. Some would say this is a direct attack  on Snapchat and they may be right. Instagram Stories provide users (brands) to post content in real time. This includes pictures and videos. One major addition to Stories is a first for Instagram – linking out. Remember when Susan swiped up? This was utilizing the link out feature of Instagram. This means that you can link to product pages on your website without ever leaving the Instagram app. The important factor of this is that for now, this can only be achieved organically.  Another words,  you need to leverage influencers and your own posts to be able to link to your products.

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