Dichele Group | 5 Ways to Increase Effectiveness of Facebook Advertising
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5 Ways to Increase Effectiveness of Facebook Advertising

5 Ways to Increase Effectiveness of Facebook Advertising

Have you tried running Facebook advertising campaigns? We have run hundreds of campaigns and spend thousands of dollars in the platform. We decided to share 5 easy ways for you to increase the effectiveness of your Facebook advertising campaigns. Enjoy!


Install Facebook Pixel:

Facebook provides you with a great ability to target users after they have taken action on your posts or visited your website. Not installing the pixel on your website before moving forward with your advertising campaign is a big mistake than many users make. With the pixel installed you can target users who visit certain pages on your website and not others; you can target users who haven’t been on your site in a certain amount of days; you can even target users who have only visited 3 or more pages on your website. Don’t forget the pixel!

Multiple Variations:

Before you start any campaign you should have multiple variations of your ads setup. This includes multiple headlines, multiple images and different copy. You want to make sure that you are testing multiple variations of a similar ad to determine which ad your audience responds to. You may be missing out on a significant amount of traffic if you don’t test ad variations.



What happens after a user clicks on your ad? Are they brought to your website? Or are they brought to a page that has been specifically created around a common goal? Landing pages are essential when you are trying to turn a user into a customer. You want to reduce the amount of confusion a user has after they click on your ad. Create landing pages that have a similar message to your ad. If you are offering an eBook, then create a landing page that offers that eBook and that eBook only. Don’t include navigation, information about your company – only the option to download that eBook.


The third tip falls into the 4th. Relevancy is how Facebook determines whether your ad is targeting the right users and bringing them to a destination that makes sense. Creating an ad with a specific purpose and target market will increase your efficiency  overall. Target users that will be interested in what you have to offer and bring them to a page that has continuity. What do you get for being specific? A high relevancy score. This means that you will get more exposure, higher quality traffic, and lower cost per clicks.


Follow Up:

What happens when a user fills out the form to download your eBook or signs up for that free consultation? Do you just give them your ebook or follow up with a personal email? Consider follow up. , You need to work on your follow up before executing your campaign. You should have an automated system setup so that you don’t lose that user’s attention. Follow up with an email 1 week later asking how they’re enjoying their eBook. 10 days later ask if they would be interested in reading related articles on your blog. All of these follow ups will build trust in your brand and hold the users attention.

These are just a few tips on what you should have in place before starting a campaign.These few simple tips will  ensure that your will see more success from your campaigns and help turn users into customers.

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