Dichele Group | 5 Ways to Increase Engagement – Holiday Edition
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5 Ways to Increase Engagement – Holiday Edition

5 Ways to Increase Engagement – Holiday Edition

The holidays can be a great time to draw more awareness to your social media accounts. Users spend more time on their social accounts during the month of December and are more likely to engage with your content. We have created this quick blog post to give you some tips and tricks to use when trying to increase social engagement during the holiday season. Enjoy!

Start Creating Holiday Content Now:

All of your social media accounts provide you with the ability to create visual content, but you should truly leverage Instagram and Facebook during the holidays. Take some time to create content that is geared towards the products that you want to promote around the holiday season. Add Christmas themes to your products to try and catch the attention of users. The best way to not get overwhelmed is to create content early.

Leverage Hashtags:

Hashtags are a great way for your brand to get attention. Are you offering a new product or service? Holiday hashtags can allow you to get more followers and more engagement on your posts. Too lazy to type all of them in? We have created a list of top Christmas hashtags for you:


User Generated Content (UGC):

A great way for you to get a lot of great content quickly is through your followers and users. You can user things like Twitter Search, Instagram Hashtags and Facebook Search to find content about your product/services that has been created by other users.

Moreover, you can create content that asks users to engage. Post a picture of your two top products and ask users “Which one do you want under your tree?” This will definitely gain more attention than a typical post.


Are you really looking to boost engagement? Try giving a product away for the holiday season. You can hold a competition for users to create the best content around a your product, or have them comment why they love your product so much, or tag a friend to whom they want to gift your product away. These tactics will allow you to gain more exposure and quickly. Tie this tactic in with leveraging hashtags and you could be the top post in a lot of the different categories.

Run Advertising:

The quickest and easiest way for you to gain more traction through your social channels is through advertising. Run Facebook and Instagram ads during the month of December and you will see your follower count, engagement rate and sales increase dramatically. It’s important to know that the costs may go up during the holiday season because many businesses are competing for the same attention. Our advice – pay the high prices and receive the engagement you deserve!

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