Dichele Group | 5 Ways to Sell More Online – Holiday Edition
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5 Ways to Sell More Online – Holiday Edition

5 Ways to Sell More Online – Holiday Edition

We all know that this time of year can be the most profitable for many companies. Businesses provide discounts and offers for the holiday season to try and draw in as many customers as possible. Although it is the busiest shopping season of the year, it can be difficult to standout in a crowd.

Buyable Pins

Does your business have a Pinterest account? If not, it should. Pinterest has allowed for Shopify users to integrate their stores directly into the platform. Users can quickly purchase something directly through Pinterest. To have the most effect, you should be creating holiday themed photos and include a price directly within the Pin. Cutting down the number of clicks required can be a great way to increase conversion rates. Pinterest is allowing 4 of the major commerce platforms to be a part of this including, BigCommerce, Demandware, Magento, and Shopify. To learn more about Buyable Pins click here.

Facebook Advertising:

One of the best ways to get more eyes on your product is to utilize Facebook advertising. For less than $1 a click you can get highly targeted users to your website. If you haven’t used Facebook ads before, you should start this holiday season. You can target users based on:

Locations. Target ads to people based on a location (ex: a country, state, province, city, congressional district, zip or post code).

Age. Target ads to people within an age range.

Gender. Target ads to women, men or both.

Languages. Target ads to users of certain languages.

Detailed Targeting. Include or exclude people from an audience based on demographics, interests and/or behaviors.

Connections. Include or exclude people from your audience based on connections to your pages, apps or events.

Custom Audiences: Custom Audiences are target audiences of people you already know created from information you provide or from information generated on Facebook’s products. You can create Custom Audiences from customer files, the Facebook pixel, the Facebook SDK and engagement on Facebook.

With the ability to target users based on competitors products or users who have visited your website, Facebook ads prove to be the most effective form of marketing today!

Holiday Themed Content:

Creating content around the holidays can be fun and exciting. This is the time of the year that you should spend the most on content creation. Be sure to include holiday themes in almost all of your posts. Users are more engaged during the holiday season and you can truly leverage the organic reach of your content through:

  • utilizing holiday themed hashtags
  • tagging users/associated brands
  • creating competitions
  • free giveaways
  • user generated content

These are just some of the tactics that you can use to generate more engagement and sales throughout the holiday season.

Scheduling Posts:

It can be difficult for a small business to produce a lot of content during the holiday season. There are family commitments, an increase in sales/production, countless returns and questions! It can be difficult to find time to create and manage all of this and create content. Utilizing tools such as Hootsuite can help to you to generate content earlier in the month and then schedule it to go out. Keep in mind that you still need to be monitoring trends and comments when you are automating posts. You don’t want to post something during an inappropriate time or receive countless negative comments before you have a chance to respond.

Dive Deeper:

This is the most difficult tactic but can also be the most valuable way to gain the most engaged and loyal customers. Take 1-3 hours per week and really go deep with your engagement. Find your loyal followers and go through their photos and posts. Comment on a couple of things and like some posts. Then make sure you mention how you appreciate their business. This may seem trivial and time consuming but you can easily grow your loyal customer base by taking time to show them you care… especially during the holiday season!

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