Dichele Group | How to Increase Engagement on Your Facebook Business Page
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How to Increase Engagement on Your Facebook Business Page

How to Increase Engagement on Your Facebook Business Page

If you have a business page on Facebook, I am sure that you have realized over the years that you are receiving less likes, comments and shares. After all of the  hard work you put in to getting 50,000 likes on your Facebook company page, you now can’t even get a like on the puppy picture you uploaded for the company anniversary! What gives?

Facebook is constantly making changes to their algorithm to improve user experience. But this also means that Facebook has  greatly affected the amount of exposure that business pages have been getting. Why? Users were tired of being spammed by companies that were releasing content 5 times a day. So Facebook has throttled back business exposure within the Newsfeed. How much? You can expect to reach 3-5% of your total audience.

It’s a tough blow to companies who not only worked hard to gain page likes, but in some cases also paid to do soSo the question is – how can you increase engagement on your posts organically? Here are a couple of ways:

Friends and Employees.

Although, Facebook has cut back on the exposure of company pages, they haven’t done this for typical users. The best way to increase engagement and exposure is to ask your employees and friends to repost some of your content.

This isn’t an easy thing and shouldn’t be abused. But if you have established a great company culture and that aligns with a lot of your employees thoughts and feelings, then the content should be valuable to their network of friends. This also goes along with friends. Typically people are friends with likeminded individuals. So ask a friend or family member to share a recent update or video.


First Mover Advantage:

Ever notice  when Facebook releases a new feature it is typically in a main menu or shows up in your Newsfeed more often? That’s because they are trying to promote that new feature as much as possible. One of the newest features released through Facebook is Facebook Live. Facebook Live  allows users to record a video live and stream it to their audience. If you utilize Facebook’s new features, even with a business page, will see a dramatic increase in the amount of exposure of that content.

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